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Trades Head Room helps you to grow your stock trading business 10X

Trader's Head Room is a great way to provide personalized support and guidance to our members. By offering one-on-one consultations, I can help traders address specific challenges and develop personalized strategies to achieve their trading goals.

What is the Traders Head Room Program about?


Trader's Head Room is a concept that has become increasingly popular among traders and investors. Essentially, it refers to the mental and emotional space that traders need to cultivate in order to improve their trading skills and achieve greater success by gaining that practical knowledge and its implementation.

At Trader's Head Room, traders can gain a better understanding of their own trading psychology, which can help them make more informed and rational decisions. This, in turn, can lead to better trading outcomes and ultimately, to achieving greater financial success.

There are several ways in which cultivating a Trader's Head Room can help traders grow their trading skills and achieve greater success:


  • Increased self-awareness i.e. psychology.

  • Improved decision-making i.e. knowledge.

  • Greater resilience

  • Better risk management.

Each trader is required to meet the following set of requirements for joining the Traders Head Room Program.

  1. Your age must be between 21 to 45 & have an income source.

  2. Must have a minimum capital of Rs. 5 Lakh (Five Lakh Only) to start trading after completing this program.

  3. You must not be in a hurry to make money from the Stock Market.

  4. You should not attend this Traders Head Room Program to recover your previous losses from the Stock Market if any.

  5. You must have a minimum of 2 hours to study & 1.5 hours daily to attend online or offline sessions.

  6. You must have a laptop or desktop with a good internet connection and a good command of its use. 

  7. The charge for the Traders Head Room program is Rs. 30000 (Thirty Thousand Only) for 2 months including coaching sessions as well as practical sessions. 

What benefits you will receive from the Traders Head Room Program?

  1. You will get to learn all the theoretical concepts of technical analysis with their practical approach in these 2 months.

  2. Live coaching on all the topics in technical analysis with hands-on practicals thereafter. 

  3. Live market trade support for six months after the course completion. 

  4. You will meet your regular money-making requirement from the stock market if you follow the schedule of the course and completes the assignments.


For more information, you can contact us via website chat or Whatsapp at +91-9764002501.

Learning Topic at Traders Head Room Program

We provides an all-encompassing learning experience for stock traders. Our programmes encompass trading psychology, technical analysis and risk management, helping you to become a more savvy and successful trader. With our guidance, you can gain the skills and strategies needed to develop a winning edge in today's volatile markets.

Brainstorm to Success

Stock Market Psychology

"Unlock Your Financial Potential with Stock Market Psychology"

Stock Market

Overlapping Indicators & Window Indicators

Technical Indicators are a powerful tool for stock market traders to identify opportunities and track market trends. They are used to measure momentum, volatility, and other important parameters of a stock.


Charting Dynamics & Dow Theory

Dow Theory is an investing strategy which uses stock market analysis to project and analyze trends in the markets. 

Risk management and mitigation to reduce exposure for financial investment, projects, engi

Risk Management

Risk Management is a tool that helps investors identify and manage risks associated with investing in the stock market. It allows investors to develop a strategy to minimize losses and maximize profits.

Bar Chart

Trend Analysis & Candlestick Charts

Candlestick charts are a popular charting tool used by stock traders to quickly visualize the price movements of a security. 

Trading Graphs on Computer Monitor

Trading Strategies

Our Trading Strategies are designed to help you identify and capitalize on potential investment opportunities. Our strategies are tailored to meet your individual goals and risk tolerance, allowing you to take advantage of market cycles and capitalize on potential opportunities. 

Discover the Secrets of the Trade Room:
What We Cover to Make You A Profitable Trader

1-on-1 Free Orientation

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