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LiveTradePro: 14-Day Technical Analysis Intensive


₹ 8,500


2 Weeks


About the Course

Day 1: Mastering the Art of Candlestick Magic Unlock the secrets of candlestick patterns and chart analysis to make informed trading decisions.

Day 2: Unveiling Hidden Fortresses: Support and Resistance Demystified

Learn to identify key support and resistance levels to enhance your trading strategies.

Day 3: Riding the Waves: Navigating Trends with Precision

Navigate market trends with confidence using effective trend analysis techniques.

Day 4: Harnessing Momentum: The Secret Language of Market Dynamics

Master momentum indicators to spot potential trend reversals and maximize profits.

Day 5: Breaking Boundaries: Strategies for Seizing Breakouts and Breakdowns Discover powerful breakout and breakdown strategies to capitalize on market movements.

Day 6: Options Odyssey: Embarking on a Journey Through the World of Derivatives Explore the world of options trading and learn essential strategies for success.

Day 7: Decoding the Matrix: Options Greeks and the Enigma of Open Interest Understand options Greeks and open interest to optimize your options trading strategies.

Day 8: Dancing with Volatility: Strategies for Thriving in the Chaotic Markets Learn to thrive in volatile markets with effective volatility trading strategies.

Day 9: Patterns of Power: Mastering Advanced Chart Techniques Unlock the potential of advanced chart patterns to identify high-probability trade setups.

Day 10: The Golden Ratio: Unleashing the Mystique of Fibonacci Harness the power of Fibonacci retracement and extension levels for precise entry and exit points.

Day 11: Taming the Beast: The Art of Risk Management Develop a solid risk management plan to protect your capital and minimize losses.

Day 12: Mind Over Markets: Unlocking the Secrets of Trading Psychology Master the psychological aspects of trading to maintain discipline and control emotions.

Day 13: Backtesting Alchemy: Transforming Data into Trading Gold Utilize backtesting techniques to refine your trading strategies and improve performance.

Day 14: Crafting Your Destiny: Forging a Trading Plan for Success Create a personalized trading plan with clear goals and strategies to achieve long-term success.

Your Instructor

Amit Rajankar

Amit Rajankar

Meet our esteemed instructor, Amit Rajankar, a seasoned trader and investor with a wealth of experience in the financial markets. With a passion for trading that spans over two decade, Amit Rajankar has been sharing his expertise in technical analysis since 2010, guiding countless individuals towards success in the dynamic world of trading.

Beyond delivering lectures, Amit Rajankar goes the extra mile to ensure that every student receives unparalleled support even after the course concludes. As a mentor, Amit Rajankar is known for his dedication and commitment to the growth of his students, providing guidance and advice tailored to individual needs.

What sets Amit Rajankar apart is his unwavering focus on practical knowledge. Rather than just theory, he emphasizes hands-on learning, equipping his students with the skills and confidence needed to navigate the markets effectively. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned trader, Amit Rajankar is here to empower you on your journey to trading success.

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