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End of The Day Pro - 50 Days


₹ 30,000


8 Weeks


About the Course

The End of The Day Pro is Community Stock Market Trading Group that focuses on education, technical analysis, practical application, live Q&A sessions, and market analysis for students offers a comprehensive platform for aspiring traders to learn and grow in the world of stock trading. Here are the key features of such a group:

🌟 Mastering Technical Analysis: A Comprehensive 50-Day Journey 📊

Day 1 Chapter 1: Introduction to the Art and Science of Technical Analysis

Day 2-3

Chapter 2: Introduction to Dow Theory

Day 4-5

Chapter 3: Mechanics and Dynamics of Charting

Day 6-7

Chapter 4: Market Phase Analysis

Day 8-9

Chapter 5: Trend Analysis

Day 10-11

Chapter 6: Volume and Open Interest

Day 12-13

Chapter 7: Bar Chart Analysis

Day 14-15

Chapter 8: Window Oscillators and Overlay Indicators

Day 16-17

Chapter 9: Divergence Analysis

Day 18-19

Chapter 10: Fibonacci Number and Ratio Analysis

Day 20-21

Chapter 11: Moving Averages

Day 22-23

Chapter 12: Envelopes and Methods of Price Containment

Day 24-25

Chapter 13: Chart Pattern Analysis

Day 26-27

Chapter 14: Japanese Candlestick Analysis

Day 28-29

Chapter 15: Point‐and‐Figure Charting

Day 30-31

Chapter 16: Ichimoku Charting and Analysis

Day 32-33

Chapter 17: Market Profile

Day 34-35

Chapter 18: Basic Elliott Wave Analysis

Day 36-37

Chapter 19: Basics of Gann Analysis

Day 38-39

Chapter 20: Cycle Analysis

Day 40-41

Chapter 21: Volatility Analysis

Day 42-43

Chapter 22: Market Breadth

Day 44-45

Chapter 23: Sentiment Indicators and Contrary Opinion

Day 46-47

Chapter 24: Relative Strength Analysis

Day 48-49

Chapter 25: Investor Psychology

Day 50

Chapter 26: Trader Risk Profiling and Position Analysis

Your Instructor

Amit Rajankar

Amit Rajankar

Meet our esteemed instructor, Amit Rajankar, a seasoned trader and investor with a wealth of experience in the financial markets. With a passion for trading that spans over two decade, Amit Rajankar has been sharing his expertise in technical analysis since 2010, guiding countless individuals towards success in the dynamic world of trading.

Beyond delivering lectures, Amit Rajankar goes the extra mile to ensure that every student receives unparalleled support even after the course concludes. As a mentor, Amit Rajankar is known for his dedication and commitment to the growth of his students, providing guidance and advice tailored to individual needs.

What sets Amit Rajankar apart is his unwavering focus on practical knowledge. Rather than just theory, he emphasizes hands-on learning, equipping his students with the skills and confidence needed to navigate the markets effectively. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned trader, Amit Rajankar is here to empower you on your journey to trading success.

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